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1994 Audi 80 Review, Inderjit Singh

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Audi 80 » 80 2.0 16v

 Model of the car:80 2.0 16v
 General comments:i never liked the look of my dads 11 year old car, but once i started driving it i discovered a super car and half a tank coz i feel so safe in it. second gear third gear yes!

very comfortable driving position, its like am floating on a cloud. nice short gear stick, hydrolic clutch good turning circle even after 12 years and 140,000 miles the paintwork stil looks new. i want another one!

maybe the petrol is cheap where shannon is from or she is rich but this car is not cheap to run, but nor are thr thrills.
 What things have gone wrong with the car:rear breaks bind. engine management unit.
 Previous car:vw polo

Review 1994 Audi 80 Inderjit Singh
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