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1987 Audi 80 Review, Chris, Durham England

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Restoration » 80 Quattro

 Model of the car:80 Quattro
 General comments:i have owned this car for a year and have spent much time effort and expense returning her to former glory. she is metallic red. ive replaced many parts. they are very scarce so any help or information on getting this car back on the road would be gratefully received. she has covered only 127k in her life and i beleive she started life in thirsk, england. did you own her previously? do you have any photos available when she was as pretty as hell? her reg no is IIl1229
 What things have gone wrong with the car:abs , handbrake front brakes, slight corrosion on front wheel arches. (but she is 18)
general old age car stuff. but still a 1st time starter.previous owner smoked a pipe!
contact me at ; cob.bartley@homecall.co.uk
 Previous car:mondeo

Review 1987 Audi 80 Chris, Durham England
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