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Audi 80 from the inderjit singh
i never liked the look of my dads 11 year old car, but once i started driving it i discovered a super car and half a tank coz i feel so safe in it. second gear third gear yes!

very comfortable driving position, its like am floating on a cloud. nice...

Radio from the Shannon - Australia
Really love the car. Great on fuel, comfortable and great to drive. Has become a member of the family.

White with navy blue interior.

The car was a gift after our family was set upon and the car was smashed in riots....

restoration from the chris, durham england
i have owned this car for a year and have spent much time effort and expense returning her to former glory. she is metallic red. ive replaced many parts. they are very scarce so any help or information on getting this car back on the road would be gratefully...

80 HistoryThe Audi 80 was an automobile from Audi produced between 1972 and 1995 and initially shared its platform with the Volkswagen Passat. Please note the "B" designation was not officially used until the B4, earlier series were identified as type 81 for example. See the list at the bottom of the page.

The first Audi 80 was a two- or four-door sedan, sold in the United States as the Audi Fox. It replaced the former Audi 60 - 90 range and provided Audi with a rival to the Opel Ascona and Ford Taunus. The US models were sold from the 1973 to 1979 model years. There was a station wagon model sold in some countries, virtually identical to the Volkswagen Passat Variant. Unlike later Audi wagons, the Avant name was not used. The 80 was voted European Car of the Year for 1973.

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